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Very good.

Only thing that made me not finish watching it was how much of a pain it was to click the tiny sonic heads. Fix that up and make it so the entire bubble is a button or make the sonic heads bigger.

RagingFlameOfHorror responds:

I was going to make it so that you just had to press the space bar, but I ran out of time, and school started again.(Yes I go to school.)


I've recently been playing battletoads in battlemaniacs on turbo mode for kicks and this reminded me of that. It's pretty fast paced and looks clean. Overall good job.

Great fast paced action.

The action was fast paced, clean and well done.

However, there is one HUGE drawback!

The dialogue is way too slow, slowing down the pace of the movie and kills the viewers interest in finishing watching the entire thing.

If you can speed that up, the movie would likely get an even higher score.

rigo01 responds:

Thank you for your review, ive already taken using Voices as talking instead of text and you are right.

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Not bad.

But it seems like alot of games these days just use premade actionscript from other sites or for specific types of games to make their own and add in their own graphics. I don't know.

Option to use Arrow keys to move.

It'd be awesome to add the arrow keys for movement in addition to the WASD keys already in use.

ETERNALGAM3R responds:

I added that in Pushies Plus 2.

Most people don't understand

Most people don't understand the amount of work and effort that goes into making something of this scale. Completely reproducing a game from scratch, in a new format and making it on par, or in this case on par and beyond what the original developer had intended.

Most people just like to flame and say that it had been copied and is exactly the same as the games before it.

And they're right! The style and gameplay may be the same, but isn't that the point? If I were to remake a game, I'd want it to follow the same style and gameplay as its predecessors. But add new features to ENHANCE the remake of my favorite games to make it more enjoyable. And to port it to flash so everyone on the web can play for a much wider playerbase.

And that's exactly what you did!

You succeeded in recreating a game where it looks and feels like I was playing the original games, but with a few new bells and whistles (most notably the save feature) it took the original and held it on a whole new level of play.

Now I may not be a flash god (I used to do it for lols) but I try to have a little understanding before I go and review something.

Go0gley responds:

You are spot on! Thanks for the support. =D On the next shoot-em-up I'm making, it will take off from this one.

If you feel strongly enough about something, there is nothing that isn't worth doing.

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